First Entry – The Rebirth

After many years in what I can only describe as a “dormant” state, this website has finally been revived. Its been many years since I last wrote on my Journal or developed my website. Why? Because manually writing in HTML/PHP code every time you just want to tweak something, or have to manually format an article with html code, is just such a royal pain in the butt!

But hopefully thats about to change, now that I have completely revamped the site and installed a much more user friendly framework. Forever gone are the days where I will have to open up Editplus and edit code just to make a simple post!

And its funny, but originally I only planned to use WordPress to replace my own Journal with a blog. But after checking it out and learning what its actually capable of I decided to rework the entire website around it.

So with that said I now declare Aquatic RE-LAUNCHED!