About this site

Aquariums are something quite amazing. They allow us a glimpse into an alien world beyond imagining, a world full of wonders of both beauty and awe inspiring as well as grotesque and horrifying, not to mention the strange and bizarre. For many, aquariums are little more than a glass box with a goldfish in it and some gravel and plants. And of course yes, it can be that, but it can also be so much more. A goldfish, a guppy, a tetra, they are merely drops in a proverbial and even literal ocean of the wide variety of creatures that inhabit our seas, lakes, rives and other water ways. With this site it is my hope to expose people to some of these creatures of the underwater worlds, and what is involved in caring for them. I will write a bit about some of the animals I keep, their habitats and the equipment and accessories required and involved in their care. I hope this site will inspire and benefit others as caring for these magnificent creatures has for me. 🙂


Grim[y] Tales from the Fishbowl